Windshield Wiper Blade Cutter/Trimmer/Restorer Make Wipers last up to 8x longer --- FREE SHIPPING

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OK so let's talk about wipers. If u live in warm climate they have to be changed every 6 months and if u live in cold weather in about 1 year. You could easily spend approximately 200 pounds a year by just paying for labour and pieces when buying new wipers.Why???? With the wiper cutter u make a small investment and can reuse the same wiper blades for 8 times longer without the need of having to go to a dealership to waste your time and money.

The Wiper Trimmer extends the life and quality of your wiper blades and protects the environment.   


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Cutting individual wiper blades with The Wiper Trimmer 

Make wiper blades reusable with precise cutting
  •  patented cutting technology “Made in Germany”
  •  restores a clear view
  •  quick and easy to use
  •  protects the environment by reducing waste

Product details
Suitable for: all common car wiper blade brands
Material: ABS plastic

International delivery: 4-7 working days


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