Vauxhall Astra (J) VXR uprated intercooler

  • £1,050.00

This intercooler for Vauxhall Astra J VXR has been primarily designed for those who are running tuned engine software, or larger turbo conversions. Testing in the same ambient conditions, on a standard car, has shown the ability of this intercooler with gains of +6bhp and +10lbft. There was also an amazing 3psi less pressure drop with the Forge intercooler with a faster recovery time from heat soak conditions, similar to those often experienced when sitting in traffic for long periods.

Whilst the original intercooler performs well on a standard car, it really starts to quickly fall behind the performance of the Forge intercooler once the engine has been modified. Although these differences will depend on software used, or your depth of modification, the Forge intercooler will allow you to unleash all the power available.

Forge Motorsport's intercooler for the Vauxhall Astra J VXR comes with a comprehensive kit, and the hoses with this intercooler can be supplied in red, blue, or black. Simply select your choice using the drop down box above.